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An appreciation blog, dedicated to all the lovely reviews and testimonials written by our Customers. This blog is an exhibition of the many user reviews we have received for Barrel Exhaust, and it is these reviews that keeps us motivated towards our vision of Creating Happy Bikers all around the globe.

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Accessories, Handlebar, KTM, Motorcycle, Racing, Royal Enfield -

Handlebars are the most commonly bought accessory by motorcyclists across the globe as it’s the easiest way to make a style statement. With so many options available around for the customers, it’s becomes very concerning that in the race to win the cut throat competition, many shady companies, make very weak handlebars that may look good but definitely aren’t safe.   We at Barrel Exhaust support many champion racers and they all trust in our products for their performance on the tracks. Be it racing mufflers or handlebars, we understand their needs and build to make sure they don’t let...

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