Our Customers Speak

Our Customers Speak

At Barrel Exhaust everything we do is with one simple and clear objective -- deliver unforgettable experiences to our customers, to the bikers across the globe.

“Create Happy Bikers” is our Vision Statement and we take great pride in it.

We are a company that is driven by passion, not just profits. Passion for creating the best accessories for our bikes, passion to deliver happiness to our customers, and passion for the biking lifestyle! 

And on exactly this note, this blog is a gift and a homage to all the lovely feedback we have received from our customers. 

These testimonials have motivated us to work even harder, making even better products, and we wish reading this has a similar impact on you as well.

To begin with, we have this heartfelt review by Prasanta Kumar Panda for SCUD, "Never expected it would sound Sooooo cool...Bassy thump....But soft simple and smooth. Nice product and probably the best sounding product in the market.". We know how much true bikers care about the sound, and we make sure all of our products sound top-notch!

From the sound of Barrel Exhaust, we now move to the performance of Barrel, and here this review by MD Afsar Ansari just melts our heart, “Best silencer for classic model....My bike feels more responsive than before. har koi poochega kaha ke kiye (everyone will ask, where did you buy it from!)…😃😃😃”

And we especially love the passion on this one by Ajay, “I suggest this product to every Enfield classic or bullet owner just go for it. VALUE FOR MONEY n the sound is like the thunder n you feel like u are the king of the road...🔥🤙”

Testimonials like these is the reason why we work so hard. So that we can deliver you the finest biking experience, and positive feedback like these always make our day.

We would like to share one last customer review with you guys, this one we think says everything we ever have wanted and more.

Leaving a review on amazon, Saurav Kar writes, “Well I have used many kind of after market exhaust like long Punjab, short bottle, dolphin, wild boar but this one is quite impressive and different. The finishing is just wow and the material feels premium. Now about the sound quality, i didn't expect such a great sound. The sound is quite loud but very much soothing. A perfect combination of thump, bass, treble. At this price range its a value for money. I can assure you will fall in live with this product. Go ahead for it. Thankyou team barrel for making such a great product. Ride safe 🙏”. PERFECTION !!!

If you have made it this far into the blog, first of all, thank you. Thank you for taking out these precious minutes from your busy schedule to read what our lovely customers say about us.

That being said, we would love if you give us more of such amazing testimonials. Who knows, maybe yours gets featured on the second part of this :)


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