Barrel Attack Handlebar

A good quality handlebar can save your life!

Handlebars are the most commonly bought accessory by motorcyclists across the globe as it’s the easiest way to make a style statement. With so many options available around for the customers, it’s becomes very concerning that in the race to win the cut throat competition, many shady companies, make very weak handlebars that may look good but definitely aren’t safe.
We at Barrel Exhaust support many champion racers and they all trust in our products for their performance on the tracks. Be it racing mufflers or handlebars, we understand their needs and build to make sure they don’t let the rider down mid way. " Low quality is murder.." High quality cannot be built cheap, Cheap products cannot be high quality!
Most of the bikers who spend loads of money buying motorcycles end up choosing cheap accessories that can even at times put their life at risk.
It’s like being “Penny wise, Pound foolish” to trust your life on cheap products. We manufacture handlebars with great quality and strength just to be sure that the biker who trust in our brand must always feel safe on the bike. Sometimes we wonder how are people selling handlebars at price that is lower than our manufacturing cost?
The answer is simple, LOW QUALITY - LOW COST! We at Barrel Exhaust will never want to earn money by risking our customers life. We will not compromise on quality as we value life more than a few bucks.
The strong Carbon Steel pipes bent with great precision CNC bending machine to make sure the rider gets perfect balance on the motorcycle. Most of the cheap handlebars are manually bent and have some degree of difference on either sides.
Sometimes these are negligible but at times of slight wobble on the road at high speeds this balance can mean life or death. The pipes we use have even thickness and the CNC bending does not cause any crimping at the bend points retaining the strength even at the bends. The threaded bushes for bar end weights are TIG welded at Barrel Exhaust and finished to look like one single piece. Holes are pre drilled for the switch yoke to fit with no hassle.
Normally these points get weak while manually putting uneven pressure and these are the failure points when the biker hits a pot hole at high speeds. In a. recent Indian National Rally Championship, two racers used a Barrel Exhaust Attack handlebar on their "Hero X-pulse 200" and KTM 390 respectively and were amazed by the build quality and ride control . they experienced during the race.
One of the racer on the KTM 390 who was clocking the fastest overall time on the stage unfortunately had an unexpected ditch to pass by at high speed and the the suspension set up couldn’t take the bump softly and threw the bike up in air and flipped twice before it crash landed. Luckily the racer walked away with minor ankle injury but the motorcycle wasn’t that lucky. The front rims were bent, the break levers ha changed directions, the body panels were broken, the fork was bent, however the entire team were surprised to see the Barrel Exhaust Attack handlebar almost intact.
We received appreciation from the team for the sturdy quality and precision balance in ride comfort. What could be better than a customer feeling safe for using your Bike Products. The Hero X-pulse racer however who finished the race barely 3 seconds from the podium had a big smile on his face when we asked him how it was with the Barrel Exhaust Handlebar!!
”We couldn't have been more happier because the vision at Barrel Exhaust that we strive to achieve is “CREATE HAPPY BIKERS” !

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Can you put any handlebars on a bike?
A. Yes, they are interchangeable, but the process is not simple. There are dozens of handlebar types to suit different rider needs, leverage on the bicycle, and diameter measurements will vary for each.

Q. How hard is it to change handlebars on a motorcycle?
A. Swapping in a new set of handlebars can change the aesthetics, ergonomics, and steering feel, and performance of the motorcycle all in one shot. It can be done in just a day in the garage, too, so DIYers with a little passion can switch things up fairly easily.

Q. What are motorcycle handlebars made of?
A. Barrel Attack Handlebar model is the one the rally champions and racers trust in and has the best ergonomics and sturdiness. The handlebars are CNC bent for precision and TIG welded for strength and aesthetic appeal. Textured black powder coating adds a rich premium finish to the bars.
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