Barrel Electric UV Missile 30 is an innovative and life saving product that can readicate all virus and bacteria from the surroundings. The Barrel Electric UV Missile comes with a thermal motion detection sensor that ensures safety for humans and pets from being exposed to the UV C rays. 


A preset timer makes the UV Missile an autonomous operating sterilizer. Ensures 99.8%* effectiveness for killing the virus, bacteria and moulds from the UV Light exposed areas. 


Please allow us 7-10 days from date of order to shipping the product due to lockdown delays that are not in our control. 


The laser guided missile design inspiration makes the product look cool and serves as an artifact in your living area even when not in use. It's not too heavy and can be easily moved to different locations. 


The tested and certified UV-C lamps are from Philips and has a life of 6000 hours (claimed by Philps) and the manufacturers warranty applies.    

UV-C Missile

  • UV-C light is dangerous for human eyes and skin. One must take care to not expose himself/ herself to this light. While operation, no one must be in the are of sterilisation to ensure safety. Barrel Electric is in no way responsible for any damage incurred not limited to loss of life  by not following the safety guidelines. 


    UV-C exposure to eyes may cause irritation and may also result in permanent damage to eyes. Prologed exposure to skin may lead to skin cancer.

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