Barrel Electric, the division of Barrel Exhaust has come up with a very innovative and essential solution to help break the chain of COVID 19 virus spread. The UV Disinfectant bag equipped with the Ultraviolet Germicidal light source kills all virus and bacteria on any surface within 15 minutes. The Barrel Electric UV Bag is light weight and has 60 litre volume to accomodate most house hold products or parcels received from ecommerce sites. The bag also can be used to sanitize milk packets, news papers, helmets etc. 


Made of material that is water ressistant this bag is weather proof. The UV-C lamps are certified for food grade andd the same is used in most water purifiers.  


The Bag is foldable when not in use and can be easily stored away. All it takes for a product to be 99.9% germ free is15 minutes under the UV light inside this UV bag.  


Disclaimer : The UV light is dangerous for eyes and skin for both human and pets. Make sure the product is switched off while opening the bag for loading and unloading the products you want to sanitise.


Note: Due to Covid Lockdown  and restriction, Please expect a slight delay in deliveries for few days.

UV-C Bag


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