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©2019 by Barrel Exhaust

As a mark of the 5th Anniversary celebration, we at Barrel Exhaust designed and launched a special edition to be sold in limited numbers only across the globe. The SCUD SE will go on all the Classic models and it has the sound similar to the SCUD but is slightly more aggressive. The SCUD SE has a unique two chamber design where the first part is the muffler and the second part is the resonator. The SCUD SE is built with mild steel and will have the core in textured matt black and come with two optional shields "Chrome" or "Gloss Black" to suit the riders choice. 


The SCUD SE is going to be built on pre order basis since only limited numbers would be made and sold. Expect to receive some Anniversary Goodies along with the SCUD SE as we would love to celebrate the joy with you who got us till here!

SCUD SE (Special Edition)

₹4,499.00 Regular Price
₹4,139.08Sale Price
Shield Colour
Bike Model