Canon Carbon 2.0 is a design inspired by the mighty Army Tank guns. The blend of the Gun Barrel and the performance exhaust has been carefully designed by us keeping in mind the legendary Bullet that is built like a Gun. While your Royal Enfield is built like a Gun, we built the barrel that completes your Gun. A semi free flow design with an expansion chamber that acts like a trap for maintaining the constant volume of exhaust gases helps the engine perform better with just enough backpressure and partial free flow. The crisp beats that comes from the Canon 2.0 is unique just like it's design and gets bikers addictive to the sound.


Note : Due to Covid lockdown and restrictions, please expect delay in deliveries of the product. There may be atleast 10-15 days waiting period for shipments to happen. You will definitely get the orders delivered however since the corona crisis, we do not want to promise quick delivery and make you wait longer.  

Canon Carbon

₹6,750.00 Regular Price
₹5,750.00Sale Price
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  • The buyer understands and agrees that use of any Barrel Exhaust aftermarket product on the vehicle may render the vehicle manufacturer warranty void. Upon buying a Barrel Exhaust product, the buyer agrees to indemnify Barrel Exhaust, it's team members and sales partners of any loss arising due to the use of it's products not limited to legal, financial or even loss of life. The buyer understands that Barrel Exhaust products are only for Off road / Closed Circuit Racing use only and not for use in City Limits.  

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