The Decibel regulator is specifically designed to suit the Barrel Exhaust ATOM and would not be compatible for any other exhaust models. The DB killer has been carefully designed to reduce noise levels to a considrable extent. 


This can be bought as an optional accessory along with the ATOM too and you would save ₹100 when bought together.


  • The use of Barrel Exhaust DB Killers are only to reduce the sound levels of the exhaust. These DB killers are in no way a guarantee that the exhausts are made suitable for city use. The buyer understands and agrees that Barrel Exhaust, its employees or selling partners are in no way responsible or held liable for any loss (legal, financial and not limited to loss of life) that occurs by the improper use of the Barrel Exhaust products. Use of any Barrel Exhaust products on the vehicle may void the vehicle manufacturers warranty and the buyer hereby acknowledges and agrees to not hold Barrel Exhaust, its employees or sales partners accountable for any loss or damage to the vehicle or any person resulting with the improper or un intended usage of the product. Goods once purchased cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason.   

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