Barrel Exhaust, A Team Of Superheroes Bringing Progress To Humanity And Changing The Transportation Industry For Th Better

Date : 15th Apr 2021

Barrel Exhaust is redefining how motorcycle accessories are designed. It chiselled for itself a niche as a world-class automotive accessory brand in the first four years of its inception.

Bajaj Pulsar electric motorcycle project – Made with Rs 1 lakh budget

Date : 16th Jan 2020

While the fastest EV is still a long way into the future, CEO of Barrel Exhaust, Mr Giridhar Soundararajan shares with us that the all-electric Bajaj Pulsar has impressed everyone with its results from a series of road tests.

The Monk Who Sold His Hyundai, Meet Giridhar – The Founder of Barrel Exhaust

Date : 25th Dec 2018

Giridhar woke up with an unsettling feeling in his stomach. He had decided to sell off of his car, the only asset he was left with after selling off almost everything for his startup. He washed his dear car Hyundai i10 for one last time. Girdhar took a moment to adore his car which has been his constant all this while.

Giridhar Soundarajan’s Startup 'Barrel Exhaust' Gives Heartbeat To Bullets

"No Marketing is greater than the happy customer referring more customers! Almost all our sales till now have happened through our happy customers sending us new customers."

How a robot designer, a sales analyst and a biker created Barrel Exhaust

Date : 9th Jun 2015

The sound of explosion in cylinders pushing pistons up and down. The flame spreading from the spark plug to the cylinder. These things are exhilarating to bike lovers. It was such a passion for bikes and automobiles that brought about Barrel Exhaust, a startup that builds biking accessories and bike exhausts.