UV Sterilisers – The Best Solution for Defeating COVID-19

UV sterilization is the process of disinfecting objects by killing germs like bacteria or viruses using ultra-violet radiation. UV sterilization has been a prevalent technology for more than a century, with rapid innovation leading to widespread use in fields such as water-purification, laboratory and hospital sterilization, disinfection of medical equipment as well modern day devices for use in our homes.

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating a massive worldwide safety and health concern, sterilization has now become paramount at every stage of our lives to make sure that the spread of the virus is checked, and the pandemic is effectively controlled. Although the various medical authorities have been issuing large-scale directives and messages to use high-alcohol sanitizers and practice frequent hand-washing to kill the viruses, the growing number of cases can show that these steps are not good enough by themselves.

This is why more and more experts in healthcare and safety are now recommending the use of UV sterilization techniques to help kill the viruses, as it is a fool-proof method which is both effective and sustainable in the bigger picture.

How does it work?

UV sterilization works by exposing viruses and bacteria to UV rays that have a specific range of wavelength – called UV-C rays – that are normally not found in sunlight as the ozone layer blocks them. These rays, while useful in sterilization, can also be dangerous to humans, causing skin damage and even cancer. This is why special care needs to be taken when using UV-C rays for sterilization, and why professionals recommend using specially tested products from certified manufacturers, designed specifically for use in UV sterilization.

Advantages of UV Sterilization

With UV-sterilization becoming the preferred option in the long-term battle against the on-going pandemic, it is important to understand why UV is the best available choice for us. The advantages of using UV-C rays to sterilize against pathogens are multi-faceted and significant, and the only countering disadvantage is the possible harm caused to humans in case of exposure – something that is easy to prevent and guard against.

  • Affordable

UV-C sterilization is the most affordable choice in the long run, as it is a one-time investment with minimal operational costs, as compared to other methods such as chemical sanitizers or other products which are expendable and require constant re-stocking. Let’s face it – COVID-19 isn’t going away soon, and how many bottles of sanitizers would you want to waste your money on? Moreover, looking at the bigger picture, it is a more economically viable option at a global scale, cutting down on chemical manufacturing costs that go into the massive large-scale production of sanitizers and other disinfectants.

  • Safe

Unlike many chemical disinfectants, UV-C rays are non-toxic to all kinds of products, including food, water, milk and other edibles. This makes UV sterilization a lot more suitable for disinfecting foods, food-prep objects, medicines as well as medical equipment. Since UV sterilization is a physical process and not a chemical one, there is zero chance for any kind of chemical contamination at any level.

  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Perhaps the biggest advantage of UV sterilization in the long-term bigger picture is its sustainability. Since UV-C rays are environment-friendly and non-toxic to our Earth, its use can eliminate the global damage that chemical disinfectants can cause – both through their manufacturing, usage and disposal activities – to the air, water, soil and natural flora and fauna. Another concern in this pandemic is the availability of clean water due to the excessive need to wash objects with soap, and UV sterilization is the perfect solution to counter this as well.

  • Effective

The effectiveness of UV-C radiation is unquestionable as it kills pathogens by destroying their proteins and disrupting their basic DNA. As you may be aware, there have been growing concerns regarding the mutation of pathogens to build immunity towards antibiotics and other germicidal agents, and UV-C radiation can ensure that germs are killed without giving them a chance to adapt or mutate. Additionally, since UV sterilisation is a dry method, it is perfect for disinfecting high-risk areas such as hospitals, public areas, toilets and other regions where moisture (like in soap-water or sanitisers) is a risky element.

Types of UV-C Sterilizers -

UV-C sterilisers are specialised devices that use UV-C radiation to kill germs without causing any harm to the users or the objects being sterilised. These sterilisers come in many shapes and sizes, depending on what you want to sterilise – from small objects, to surfaces, rooms, food and beverages or even the air you breathe.

Sterilizer Bags:

When it comes to everyday sterilization to battle CoVID-19, an absolute must have is a sterilizer bag! Designed to be an enclosed chamber designed to accommodate all your everyday objects that run the risk of being exposed to and carrying germs from outside, UV-C sterilizer bags are the quickest, surest and most sustainable solution for daily disinfection when entering your house.

UV-C Sterilizer bags are ideal for disinfecting –

  • Electronic gadgets: mobile phones, laptops, tablets and any other electronic devices that is likely to come into contact with germs from outside.

  • Home delivery packages: everything being delivered to your home, such as food deliveries, online shopping items or even letters, magazines and newspapers.

  • Groceries and daily needs: Fruits, vegetables, meats, milk-packets, packaged foods and beverages and anything else for your home needs.

  • Currency: any coins or notes that may be carrying the virus, or any other germs for that matter.

  • Gloves, Masks and other PPE: these may be protecting you from the virus, but only if they are clean themselves!

  • Personal hygiene or cosmetic items: Spectacles, hair-combs, lipstick, jewellery, and everything else that comes in contact with your face, skin or hands.

  • Toys, nappies and other baby products: babies are especially fragile and susceptible to infection, and everything they touch can be disinfected in minutes.

It’s important to choose the right brand The Barrel Electric UV-C sterilizer bag is an innovative and essential solution for your home sterilization needs. Lightweight, foldable and waterproof, it is user friendly and effective, with a 60L capacity to make space for all items that need sterilizing. Designed by experts, the UV-C sterilizer bag is guaranteed to be 100% safe for humans (as long as all the safety protocols are followed properly!) as well as the objects inside, with certified food-grade lamps used in water-purifiers.

Lamps and other portable UV-C emitters

UV-C lamps or wands are an ideal solution for sterilizing surfaces, rooms and the surrounding environment (including the air) in enclosed spaces. No amount of manual sterilization and cleaning can ensure that you have covered every single nook and cranny like an exposure to UV-C radiation can! These lamps come in various shapes and sizes, and can be designed as standalone, table-top or even hand-held versions. The most effective solutions for guaranteed sterilization are usually UV-C lamps placed in enclosed rooms that ensure that no surfaces, corners or even air-borne particles are left-out. UV-C radiation emitters are perfect for –

  • Homes: including living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Medical facilities: such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, and especially COVID-19 patient isolation wards and living areas

  • Public areas: such as restaurants, malls, shops, movie-halls, etc.

Advanced UV-C lamps are designed to ensure maximum disinfection with zero chance for harm to humans, animals and the objects to be sterilized, and the Barrel Electric UV-C Missile 30 is a perfect example of an ideal home sterilization solution. A perfect balance between aesthetic and effective, the UV-C Missile 30 features Philips UV-C lamps (with 6000 hour working life), pre-set timers, thermal motion sensors and a sleek guided-missile design to give your sterilized home a unique and trendy showpiece!

Safety comes first for you and your family, and the product includes detailed safety guidelines specifying how to ensure that humans or animals aren’t exposed to radiation, as well as thermal motion sensors that detect human or animal presence and automatically shut the lamps off.

Customized UV-C sterilizers

Sterilization is essential at every stage of our lives in current times, and that includes spaces and objects of all kinds – from our homes, streets, workplaces, shops and malls, transportation services to clinics, food-preparation and storage areas and especially hospitals and patient-isolation zones.

Depending on the circumstances, standard UV-C sterilization products may not be ideally suited to the job at hand, and that is why customised UV-C solutions are a dire necessity to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barrel Electric is dedicated to help you fight this battle, and offers a range of customized solutions that can be tailored to your exact needs, whatever they may be, to ensure you get the sterilization you need and the safety you deserve. From UV-C chambers and compartments to lamps, wands and towers, we are ready to provide whatever you need when it comes to UV sterilization solutions that are safe, effective and sustainable. All our products are designed by experts and tried and tested internationally and extensively to ensure the best performance.

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