Is there a right time to change your Exhaust for your Bullet?

The most haunting question to any Royal Enfield buyer is to know what is the right time to go in for a change with his choice of exhaust. The worst part is every other biker they ask has a different answer that they think is correct and this leads to more confusion and fear.

We at Barrel Exhaust come across this question everyday from our customers / potential customers who visit or via Whatsapp to +91 9481636312. When we answer our customers on this, we make sure we educate them with the below points and let them make a decision for their beloved motorcycle..

Let us look at some general suggestions that one receives from fellow bikers on the right timeline to go for a change in the exhaust.

Wait to complete 2000 / 3000 / 6000 / 10,000 kms ...

We all might have come across bikers who say you need to wait till a particular mark on the odometer / speedometer before you change the exhaust. Assuming everyone is right, when asked for why that magic number they are coming up with, hardly few have a reason to back up and if they do, it would be “I waited that many kms as my mechanic asked me to” or “Engine needs that much time to set”.. If there is ever a preset number of kilometres that the engine is required to run and set, would not all engines become butter smooth while reaching that mark? Do you really think that is true with Enfield Engines at least (since we are talking about it here)? This is just like the “Monkey and the Banana” theory, no body knows why but everyone knows the answer.

Wait until the warranty period ends...

One of the most sensible advice that has some backing of facts given by few bikers is “Do not go for the change in exhaust until the bike manufacturer warranty on the motorcycle gets over”. This is currently 2 years from the date of purchase of the vehicle from Royal Enfield and it is completely the buyers choice to wait until the motorcycle manufacturers warranty ends or trust nothing will go wrong and go in for the change whenever one feels.

Change after 6 -10 months...

What exactly happens to the bike engine in 6 - 10 months apart from running a few thousand kilometres? NOTHING..... We think that by that timeframe the biker gets bored of the silence from the machine that is known for it’s “DUG DUG” and hence is the right time to get a cool sounding exhaust! Good suggestion though!!

Now coming back to our view on the question, there is never a Right or a Wrong time to go for the change in the exhaust for your motorcycle. You bought the enfield to fuel your passion of riding a machine that makes its presence felt even before it arrives. You bought a motorcycle that has since decades been known for having a soul that is alive. You paid a premium to fulfil your dream of owning a BULLET that speaks about your passion loud enough to silence others opinion.

Our answer to all our customers who ask us how long they need to wait until they can get Barreled is below ..

“Welcome to Barrel Exhaust! Glad you asked us this question. While some bikers feel they need to wait for 3,000 or 10,000 kms until they can change the exhaust, some think they need to wait for at least two oil change / service is done. We have had some bikers who also have bought our exhaust on our online store even before they got their Bullet delivered. We feel it’s a personal choice of the buyer to decide what is good for his/her bike. We are in no hurry to sell you our exhaust so you may decide what is good for you based on what your belief is and we will wait for you to return. Thousands of our customers have vouched for our product for being engine friendly so we assure you the best experience. Looking forward to seeing you Barreled soon. Ride Safe! Cheers!”And bet you what, every time we have made our customer understand these facts, we have seen 95% of them return to us to buy our exhaust! That’s why we tell to ourselves when we answer a customer phone call...

“We are not selling product to a customer, we are in the business of creating happy bikers”
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