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The entire biking fraternity in India is on a steady rise since more than a decade now. Bikers population who ride to exotic locations to fulfil their passion are behind only one thing, Experience!

Riding is all about experience and I am sure you will agree to this. To most of us, the journey matters as much as the destination or even more. At Barrel Exhaust, we care a lot about delivering the experience to the bikers more than just world class products.

Coming to the Avenger bikers, the expression “Feel like God” is not just a phrase to feel good telling to people. It’s an emotion that enhances the experience cruising on the long never ending roads. While it is exciting to know that there are millions of fans for this cruise machine, it’s heart breaking to know that Avenger bikers don’t get as much a limelight like those on the Royal Enfield especially in India.

We at Barrel Exhaust with a vision “Create Happy Bikers” began operations in late 2014 as a humble start on the streets. It was a simple bikers dream to build a company that would grow to become the most loved automotive brand for bikers across the globe and across all brands.

We initially began our journey catering to the rising demand for the Royal Enfield exhaust systems. There were plenty of options available in the market but the gap was there were hardly any great looking ones that could also deliver a great performance. More over there were no players in the market who really understood the biker and his/her needs and developed products that could make them happy every time they rode on their machines.

Barrel Exhaust just did everything to plug the gap with fresh patented designs and world class build quality and an unbeatable customer service that the industry treats as a benchmark.

After about 2 years in operation and creating happy biker customers in over 8 countries, we were approached by many Avenger riders from across the globe asking us to develop an exhaust system for their cruise machines. We wanted to study the market well and so began looking for clues that could tell us all the pain points for the Avenger bikers that we could help resolve.

We found that there was a huge population of Avenger riders who hit the highways to enjoy the breeze on their face and fuel their passion to travel and explore locations that are worth a visit. How ever we also found that the aftermarket by large have ignored to acknowledge the Avenger riders to offer them products exclusively designed and developed for their bikes.

We at Barrel Exhaust, decided to not let the Avenger bikers down and so took up a task to design and develop an exhaust system (which is our core strength) exclusive for the Avenger bikes. We didn’t like the Avenger bikers borrowing the Royal Enfield exhausts and installing them only to end up destroying their stock exhausts system.

We now offer to the Avenger Gods, the “ASSAULT”, a full exhaust system that is a plug and play design. This is the very first of it’s kind available for the Bajaj Avenger riders across the globe. We didn’t want you to have the trouble of cutting the stock header or have a shabby welding done to ruin the looks of the bike.

Below are the two options available along with the bend pipe (in chrome only). The package contains the header, Header sleeve, Muffler of your choice, Clamps (with Centre Stand support), Nuts and Bolts.

Assault Chrome

Assault (Chrome) option comes with the heat shield being chrome plated and the end cap CNC machined in aluminium. The core however remains black powder coated to give that rich look through the laser cut design at one end.

Assault muffler option in Black to suit some of the models that have a dark subtle look. High quality Powder coated with texture finish and heat shield to protect the pillion riders foot.

The Assault muffler is packed with high quality ceramic and steel insulation for deep sound frequency. The sound note is carefully arrived to not be sharp and pierce the ear but be strong enough to be heard and enjoyed.

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