How our exhaust for SR150 grabbed the attention of Piaggio India(Aprilia)?

Barrel Exhaust since the inception in 2014 never settled for making anything that would not grab the attention of the customers or competitors. Be it design or the quality or with customer service, we always were striving to be the benchmark for the industry.

While in the initial few years, the team only concentrated on developing performance products for Royal Enfield motorcycles and went on creating some of the finest designs and performance products that the RE Bikers had never seen before. It all started in a very humble way of learning the basics the hard way. After the launch of its flagship product Canon, the entry into the world of motorsport racing for Barrel Exhaust happened with the development of its finest racing exhaust "The Ghost".

Ghost 2.0 Silencer on RE Bullet racing at Goa Ridermania
Barrel Exhaust Ghost on Royal Enfield racing on a Dirt Track

The Ghost with it's mesmerising sound and looks coupled with great performance quickly went on to become the most sought out exhaust for racers and bike modification folks.

This also meant that Barrel Exhaust did start participating and sponsoring many racing events across India.

During one such racing event at Kolhapur, Maharashtra in which Barrel Exhaust was a among the sponsors, the founder of Barrel Exhaust happened to bump into a super talented racer , Mr. Pinkesh Thakkar. Pinkesh is a champion rider who has been racing for close to 2 decades on all variety of motorcycles. He has close to 500 podiums to him so far and yet a very humble soul and overflowing in talent. Pinkesh who was racing on his Aprilia SR 150 happened to spot the Ghost on the track and enquired if we could develop something similar for his Aprilia.

Our team was excited to see the scooter on the race tracks and were zapped to see its racing ability. Although we were not sure if we could do justice to the build, we readily agreed to his request as it was a challenging one. This was around June 2018 and we were given tight schedule to deliver since Pinkesh who was racing for Aprilia factory team had INRC championship just around the corner.

We began working on the racing exhaust for the Aprilia SR 150 on our return to Bangalore. We are bootstrapped since 2014 and so our resources were limited. We began asking people in our network to lend us one SR 150 so we could develop and test the exhaust before sending it over to the Aprilia factory racer.

A friend loaned us his SR150 and we began our R&D. The team had few requirements that cannot be compromised such as, very strong body yet light weight, compliment the power delivery of the engine so the initials don't drop and third maintain good road clearance.

The team by the end of one week was ready with the first prototype to be tested at the INRC Coimbatore Rally round. Mr Thakkar with his Barreled SR150 won the Coimbatore Rally beating the strong opponents "TVS Racing team" and claimed 1st position.

We were super excited to get the results however we decided to push it further and began upgrading the design based on his feedback.

The second iteration of the racing muffler we developed was supposed to be used in the next round of INRC rally and we just had 2 weeks in hand. This time we knew what needed to be changed and jumped on it right away and came up with an all Stainless Steel laser cut and precision TIG welded muffler that looks lot better than the previous one. However the performance was still to be tested on the tracks.

The result was very evident and Pinkesh went on a winning rampage on his Aprilia SR 150 with the Barrel Exhaust racing muffler. His timings began to improve and his vehicle was able to achieve better top speed. Apart from the INRC championships, Pinkesh also participated in many other dirt racing on his Aprilia and won all of them standing 1st.

By this time, Aprilia R&D team began noticing the upgraded exhaust system on the SR 150 and some of the finest gentlemen we met at Aprilia 2 Wheeler R&D team liked what we had developed.

SR Rally silencer we built for Aprilia racing team
Final Prototype of SR Rally Exhaust we developed for Aprilia SR 150

It was time for the final INRC championship run at Puttur and was one of the most important one to grab the championship title for the year. We were under pressure as the Puttur track was too bumpy and was unforgiving on the vehicle. This time we redesigned our clamping and built a robust 4mm thick clamp to make sure it can handle any beating and still stick on the vehicle.

The final outcome was the SR Rally version that was very robust and could get the best juice out of the engine in terms of performance. Our team was very happy to see Mr Thakkar win the championship for year 2018 at INRC.

Barrel Exhaust team invited to Aprilia manufacturing plant
Team Barrel Exhaust at Piaggio manufacturing plant

Aprilia racing team was also overwhelmed with the win and we got invited to their manufacturing facility at Baramati near Pune to discuss the development of the street versions of the our exhaust for Aprilia SR 150. We developed the street versions and submitted to their R&D team for testing and got positive results wrt to engine health and performance. We couldn't have been happier than this since all our efforts and persistence paid off with a product that was worth it all.

We felt honoured when we learnt that the Piaggio India CEO himself loved our exhaust sound and performance after himself riding it at their test facility.

Aprilia went ahead and decided to launch their SR Storm / Rally version scooters at the All India Dealer meet held at Goa this year with a Barrel Exhaust fitted on them.

It was a while since we fine tuned the SR Sport and added a DB Killer option to it so it can be used within the city limits at low decibel levels. Finally after almost 12 months of development and multiple iterations, August 2019 will be the official bookings for Aprilia SR 150/125 riders across the globe to get themselves the most loved exhaust brand.

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