Barrel Exhaust DB Killers can help you keep the Traffic Police away!

Aftermarket Exhaust on any bike pumps adrenaline for the biker and fuels his passion to a great extent. But these things are definitely louder than your stock silencers that comes along with the motorcycle. The recent restrictions from the transport and traffic department to the use of loud silencers have created so much distress to those who love to listen to their cylinders play the orchestra for their ears. The use of aftermarket exhausts are limited to outside city limits (meaning the highways). Most of the bikers who love to go on long rides choose to switch to the aftermarket exhaust so they can enjoy their ride with more performance and sound. While the cops harass the bikers for using the aftermarket exhausts in city limits (even if they are using them responsibly by not throttling unnecessarily or creating nuisance to public) there is a bad need for a solution so the bikers could keep the cops away at best.At Barrel Exhaust, we make sure all our aftermarket exhausts (except the ones we built for racing purpose only) have a feature called “DB Killer” or the Decibel Killer to control the sound. Though there are few cities where the cops do not even have an ear to listen to the bikers that they are using a DB filter in their exhausts to meet the DB levels prescribed and go ahead and slap a fine, there are many who use our DB killers in the exhausts to ride peacefully in the city limits as well.

Decibel Killer
Barrel Exhaust DB KIller that fits Canon / SCUD / Indori / Short Bottle / Long Bottle / Punjabi make silencers for Royal Enfield

We initially designed the DB killers to suit our exhaust models only and then looking at the issues that bikers using other exhausts are facing, decided to redesign our DB killers to suit most models available in the market such as “Indori”, “Mini Punjab”, “Dholki”, “Short Bottle” and “Long Bottle” apart from our exhaust models such as Canon 2.0 and SCUD.

Barrel Exhaust DB killers reduces the "Phataka" sound to a great extent!

Many bikers have benefitted using this Barrel Exhaust DB killer as it reduces the Phataka to a great extent and keeps the exhaust sound low. We also wanted it to be affordable to all and so priced it at just 400 rupees including shipping across India. The product is available in the below link for people to purchase and have little peace of mind using their aftermarket exhaust on their motorcycle. BUY BARREL EXHAUST DB KILLERS USING BELOW LINK

Click here to buy Barrel Exhaust DB Killer

The DB killer is a miracle gadget that is so easy on the pocket and can help save thousands of rupees in fines. Loads of bikers have thanked us for developing this simple accessory that can go on many exhaust models that have a 2 inch diameter. While the DB killer is designed to disrupt the sound waves and make the exhaust sound low, it does not choke the engine as enough volume of gases are allowed to escape to make sure the scavenging effect is not disturbed.

DB Killer for SC Project
Barrel Exhaust DB Killer designed to suit the SC Project CRT Muffler

Barrel Exhaust went ahead and also designed the DB killer for the widely used SC Project CRT exhaust for the super-bikes category. This is already being sold in many countries and bikers from many countries like USA / South Korea / UK / Germany / Denmark / Italy / South America / Australia are all enjoying riding their bikes with the Barrel Exhaust DB killer for their SC Project CRT Muffler. The DB killer reduces about 15 -20 % of the sound level and fits the SC Project without any need of alteration or damage to the muffler. Precision machined DB Killers made of stainless steel is strong enough to withstand the pressure of the exhaust gases. Again great care and live testing has been done in developing the DB killer to make sure the Muffler does not choke the engine or explode at high RPM’s.

We at Barrel Exhaust recently launched an exhaust “Assault” for the Bajaj Avenger and “SR Sport” for the Aprilia SR 150 with an inbuilt DB Killer option. We are also working on a new device that would give the biker an option to set the volume level of the exhaust with a simple knob or a switch. We are hopeful to launch it by the end of 2019.

An Apple a day keeps doctor away, Barrel Exhaust DB killers keep Cops Away
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