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Barrel Exhaust Decibel Killer for Exhausts with 2 inch Outlet

With all the buzz going around about the sound pollution and high noise levels from aftermarket exhausts for the Royal Enfield bikes, Barrel Exhaust developed a Decibel Killer that manages to reduce the noise levels by almost 20-30% in many exhaust models.

All Barrel Exhaust silencers are equipped with the DB killers (Except the Racing model Ghost 2.0). After many iterations and design changes, the DB killer developed by Barrel Exhaust has proved to be effective on the sound control while not bringing any negative effects on the performance or engine life.

Barrel Exhaust DB Killers are designed to suppress the sound waves that leave the aftermarket exhaust and create a loud noise. The restriction and allowance are carefully thought to make sure the exhaust does not get over restrictive and create additional back pressure that could harm the engine. It's an engineered product which the bikers can trust and use on their aftermarket exhausts that have a 2 inch diameter outlet.

Barrel Exhaust has been the most trusted brand for aftermarket exhausts for Royal Enfield bikes since it began operation in 2014. With having customers in over 8 countries and authorised dealers in Australia / Vietnam & Thailand, Barrel Exhaust commands great love from it's patrons across the globe.

The DB killer for the Royal Enfield aftermarket silencers are only priced at 350/- rupees and the shipping is done across India for just 50/-Rupees.

Disclaimer : Use of DB killer in the aftermarket silencers may not guarantee to make the use of aftermarket exhaust legal in city limits. However the use of DB killer may definitely reduce the noise levels to a max of 30% in some exhaust models. The DB killer is most effective on Barrel Exhaust products. Barrel Exhaust, it's promoters, team or sales partners are not to be held responsible or liable for any issues (legal or otherwise) or loss (including injury or death) arising due to the wrong use of it's products by the buyer.

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