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Barrel Exhaust

Cruisepegs for Aprilia SR

Cruisepegs for Aprilia SR

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CruisePegs designed by Barrel Exhaust for the Aprilia SR 150/125 is built to make long rides very comfortable and easy. The Cruisepegs is built out strong enough to take the load it is designed to and also to an extent protects the panels from minor falls.

Barrel Exhaust is the first company to introduce the Cruisepegs for a scooter. The Cruisepegs allow the rider to sit more comfortably and also gives enough leg room for small luggage kept on the floor board. A rubber padding for the footrest is also provided to make sure you have good grip even on wet conditions. 

Fitting is very easy and seamless and at the same time the mounts hold on the chassis to increase the strength.  

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