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Reviews and Testimonials

"As expected!
I was quite confused at the beginning what kind of exhaust should I install, than I came to know about the barrel exhausts, earlier I was convinced with the cannon 2.0 ,but later after a lot of review and video tutorials of the scud I planned for it, I expected the bass no doubt its very clean and strong with the thrump. The best time about the product is ,it was properly delivered. The quality is so good and properly detailed.
I would definitely suggest to go for this if you are confused regarding exhausts .
Made like a gun sounds like thunder
The king of thunder with gentle attributes!
mind blowing ..Go for it!!!"- by Gourav

"Never expected it would sound Sooooo cool...Bassy thump....But soft simple and smooth. But be careful guys if you rev it hard your mileage will drop down drastically. Nice product and probably the best sounding product in the market.- by Prasanta Kumar Panda

"The build quality is really good, you'll receive it well packed along with dB killer, worth the money, it has decent thump and a certain eye catcher" - by Anshul Mehrotra

"Nice unboxing experience.
Nice sound and worth the price.
- by RSN

"Excellent Performance … The silencer bassy thump sound was really good" - by Tanmay Singh Chouhan

"Would say.... Use it and realize what it is... But in one word... It's totally "tough and 🔥" And the sound!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Hats off to "BARREL EXHAUST"" - by Kartik F. 

"The silencer is good and sound is fab and if you drive Classic 350 or any other bike in which this silencer fix then you feel like a boss on the road. But the mileage become low." - by Kanish C. 

"The product is awesome, sounds like a thunderbolt but there is a drop in mileage and it's not because of the silencer it's because one you hear that thunderous sound u can't control yourself and you start to ride like crazy" - by thamizh

"Fully satisfied..!!! If you're looking for some heavy thumping, without it being annoyingly loud, look no further. This is just the perfect exhaust for you." - by Anonymous

"Sound is awesome. Stylish and good quality - by RH

"My classic performance has increase and sound quality is good" - by Tafazzul Hussain

"nice sound and made you like a boss on the road while riding the bike...
perfectly made for bullet...😍" - by Sundar

"very nice product wonderful Bass effect" - by M Suresh

"It's bassy sounds not too deep. Price is ok, mileage doesn't depend on exhaust." - by Nazrul

"sound so cool and simple & build quality is too good" - by Sakib Shaikh

"Different sound ncz bass" - by Sandy

"Good thump guys.... Loved it." - by Afzal Azzu

"Nothing better the barrel sound also very good nice product. I use it in my gun mettel 350. Worth it" - by Prithvi Raj Yadav

"The product is awesome. Thanks to barrel exhaust for making this.." - by Avishek G. 

"Awesome one of the best exhaust sound ,best match for 500 cc twin spark .." -by Dr Khan

"Awesome sound and it looks awesome in classic head turner and it's pretty heavy than stock silencer" - by Rituraj B. 

"It's really good product 👌 I some receive from it was awesome 👌 Proceed to buy it" - by Rahul

"Best silencer for classic model.... har koi poochega kaha ke kiye.....😃😃😃" - by MD Afsar Ansari

"osm product.... sound was excellent smooth sound... perfect to Royal Enfield" - by Nethaji

"Nothing to say, just go for it" - by Mindak Karcho

"Super product n super sound" - by Anil Kumar A

"Excellent.... sound like Harley Davidson 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻" - by Anonymous 

"I receive the product in good quality … Exhaust Sounds are good" - by Rasanjit T. 

"Best Looking exaust for RE" -  by Manu

"Material good ..sound ok" - by B Rajesh

"Well I have used many kind of after market exhaust like long Punjab, short bottle, dolphin, wild boar but this one is quite impressive and different. The finishing is just wow and the material feels premium. Now about the sound quality, I didn't expect such a great sound. The sound is quite loud but very much soothing. A perfect combination of thump, bass, treble. At this price range its a value for money. I can assure you will fall in live with this product. Go ahead for it. Thankyou team barrel for making such a great product. Ride safe 🙏" - by Saurav Kar

"I suggest this product to every Enfield classic or bullet owner just go for it VALUE FOR MONEY n the sound is like the thunder n you feel like u are the king of the road...🔥🤙" - by Ajay