You Should Get That Aftermarket Exhaust: Here’s Why

You Should Get That Aftermarket Exhaust: Here’s Why

 The love for their bike makes every biker fond of the machine, always spending time to maintain their bike’s health and upgrade its parts and accessories whenever the need comes up. Over time, as the model of the bike begins to turn old, upgrading it feels like the only way to maintain its look and feel. From changing the appearance of the bike to adding more accessories to it, most people will go to any lengths to go through an entire bike modification.

Though, when it comes to the performance of the bike, simply revamping the aftermarket exhaust may bring overall improvement and significant changes in the way it works. With changes in the exhaust system, a biker can feel altogether different while actually riding the vehicle. The performance exhaust also enhances fuel efficiency, which impacts the overall driving experience for a biker. 
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An aftermarket exhaust can improve the sound, looks, and performance of your bike. Turning your bike into an instant superstar and you can be the envy of your rider buddies. If you have been thinking about whether you should get an aftermarket exhaust or not, here are some of the best reasons in favor of that to help make up your mind.

The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Go For An Aftermarket Exhaust

Increase In Power

After getting the bike exhaust changed, you are certainly bound to feel a rush of excitement and enthusiasm the next time you drive your vehicle. With more power, the enhanced cruising speeds of the bike can bring a thrill of excitement. Changing the performance exhaust enhances the bike's acceleration, which pumps more power into it and propels it to ride with greater power. 

A factory-fitted system may not provide satisfactory results, which is why it is a good idea to replace it with aftermarket exhaust to increase its peak engine horsepower. The flowing exhaust system provides a straight path towards the exhaust system without posing any obstacle to catalytic converters or obstruction to the loud muffler.

Barrel Rogue Exhaust For Husqvarna

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Enhanced Sound

A loud muffler is one of the leading reasons why changing the performance exhaust is preferred by many bikers. Most exhaust systems are designed to bring the sound levels to the lowest possible degree. However, it may not be very appealing to most bikers. This type of bike modification produces enough sound that can be very exciting for an off-road location.

Improved Performance

Investing in an aftermarket exhaust system is truly beneficial for this reason. The bike modification helps to boost the efficiency of the fuel up to its maximum extent, which is why many bikers prefer to get it done on their vehicle. When the bike exhaust is very well designed, it can significantly improve the mileage of the bike and improve the overall performance of the vehicle.

Stunning Looks

Other than the bike's health, every rider wants their bike to look the best. For many, the hardcore looks of an aftermarket performance exhaust help achieve a flashy look on their bike which can make heads turn their way. With the availability of a wide array of bike exhausts and loud mufflers, riders can choose what they want to do with their bike.

Barrel ATOM on the Royal Enfield

(Every Barrel Exhaust is designed to turn heads! Featured here are the ATOM twin sport mufflers for RE 650)

To Sum Up

These are the biggest benefits of an aftermarket exhaust, which is why bikers prefer to get them fitted on their vehicle. For some, bike health is of paramount importance while for others, a loud muffler and other accessories prove to be a determining angle for enhancements. 

But no matter what you need, you can find the PERFECT exhaust for your bike at Barrel Exhaust. Our exhausts, manufactured in India and loved by biker globally have been engineered to create happy bikers. 

Thank you so much for reading this blog till the very end. If reading this has motivated you to buy a custom exhaust, you can visit the shop right now to take your riding experience to the next level. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What does an aftermarket exhaust do for a bike?
A. An aftermarket exhaust helps to enhance the peak performance of the bike with enhanced engine horsepower.

Q. Does an aftermarket exhaust affect the engine of a bike?
A. Yes, changing the exhaust can affect the power of the engine.

Q. Does a bigger exhaust use more fuel?
A. A louder exhaust usually does not use more fuel and there is no correlation between its size and fuel consumption. 

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