Who Said DB KILLERS Can't Be Made For CRT SC Project?

Who Said DB KILLERS Can't Be Made For CRT SC Project?

Even though most motorcycle enthusiasts prefer loud exhausts, in our day-to-day life we often face many situations where a DB killer becomes key to limit the exhaust noise within the limits. DB killers are therefore designed to help bikers with custom exhausts get the most out of their rides.

The reduced sounds from the DB Killers ensures that the bikes can be driven on street without compromising the boosted performance of aftermarket exhausts. 

What exactly is a DB Killer? 

DB killers = sound mufflers

Usually are inserts in the opening of the exhaust that reduce airflow dampening the sound and slightly reducing power. BTW, most people leave them out/remove them anyway.

In India, max allowed exhaust sound is around 85dB. This is the reason why you should definitely consider purchasing a DB killer to ensure that you can continue using your bike on a daily basis without breaking any rules. 

Decibel Limits For Bikes In India

(Decibel Limits For Bikes In India)

Performance Boost With A DB Killer? 

Many bikers wonder if a DB killer affects the bike’s performance. Adding a DB killer can slightly impact your bike’s performance as it limits the airflow out of the exhaust system. That being said, the difference between with and without DB killer is insignificant. In fact, many manufacturers include DB killers by default to comply with exhaust noise regulations, so you do not lose much power for having a DB killer in place.

Therefore, most of the factory-installed motorcycle exhaust come with pre-installed dB killers or are designed in a way to produce noise level to permission level.

Presenting The Barrel DB Killer for SC Project

In a move that shocked the entire super biking clan across the globe, we at Barrel Exhaust designed and developed a DB killer specially for the SC Project CRT (70 and 63 mm Dia) model. Tested and loved by super-bikers across the globe, the DB killers that we have designed does not require any drilling or damaging the muffler.

It is a direct slide fit on the muffler and the hardened grub screws positioned at 120 degrees each give a fantastic grip from the inside. The cnc tuned lip at the end makes it look like it is a part of the exhaust and not stand out alien.

Powder coated in black to hide it from catching the eye and maintaining the OEM looks of the SC Project. The design is done keeping in mind to maintain low pressure of the exit gases. However it is advised to keep below revv limiter on for prolonged duration. 

We ship them worldwide within 10 working days! 

Disclaimer : Although there are hundreds of bikers across the globe using our DB killers on their CRT SC Project exhaust and are satisfied with the performance, Barrel Exhaust does not guarantee that the use of this DB killer may make the SC project exhaust legal to be used within City Limits. The local law of the land where you are using the exhaust on your motorcycle shall still prevail. We also do not guarantee that an warranty provided by SC project on their exhaust shall remain valid or get void. It is completely your responsibility and liability and you purchase at your own liability.

Barrel Exhaust including its employees or reselling partners are not liable for any loss or damage arising out of the use of a Barrel Exhaust product including but not limited to loss of property or life. Improper installation may result in loss of property or injury and even may cause death. The buyer solely understands this and assumes the complete responsibility and relieves Barrel Exhaust, its employees and re sellers from any liability (legal, financial or otherwise) arising from the use of the Barrel Exhaust product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. What is the purpose of DB killer?
A decibel is a unit of the loudness of sound. This DB killer is used to reduce the loudness of the exhaust note due to various restrictions imposed by the government.

Q. Any DB Killers for the SC Project CRT?
A. Yes, Barrel Exhaust has designed the perfect slip-on DB killer for the SC-Project. The DB killers enable you to ride your dream bike with the custom exhaust without the fear of breaking any rules. 

Q. Does removing DB killers affect engine?
A. Yes it does affect the engine. The engine life reduces the efficiency drops.

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