Top 3 Benefits of Riding A Bike With An Aftermarket Exhaust

Top 3 Benefits of Riding A Bike With An Aftermarket Exhaust

It goes without saying that every biker loves, no, every biker absolutely adores his bike. Always ensuring that it is at its peak performance as well as looking brand new every time.

But why do we ride? We ride to live a life outside the set rules, we ride to feel the wind on our body, but most importantly we ride with our rider buddies. A group of motorcycle riders often transcend the line of just acquaintances, they become family. We go on epic adventures and unforgettable road trips while they stick with us through thick and thin.

It’s a bright Sunday morning, you have embarked on a road trip with your rider buddies. The road ahead of you is expansive and endless, riding towards the sunset with the wind as your ally and your riding buddies, your partners in crime.

But today is not just another day of riding, no, today is special, today all eyes are on you, you are the center of admiration and the source of envy for all your rider buddies, well, actually, your shiny exhaust is.

But that is okay, you decided to buy it and truth be told, it was love at first sight, as it brings out the hidden brat in your character, and once you saw it, there was no going back, for it also answered the question.

Why do we ride? Because we want to show to the outside world, to tell them that we do things differently, we are built differently. Our expectations with both ourselves and our machines are different.

The Many Benefits of Aftermarket Exhausts

Stunning looks and the envy of your rider buddies are just a couple of benefits of aftermarket exhausts.

It completes your bike. When you look at your bike what makes it stand out from the rest? You cannot always show your bike’s performance or how well maintained it is.

But what you can always show is your custom exhaust. Your exhaust adds a personal touch to your bike and it also gives it character.

But there are more benefits of aftermarket exhausts, a few of them being:

  • More Power - Bikers feel next-level excitement when their bikes run on higher horsepower or cruise at higher speeds. Though there are technicalities on any engine’s performance, by adding a high-performance exhaust, we can often get that extra 10 percent that turns a great ride into something truly incredible.
  • Improved Sound - We know that bikers are obsessed with loud exhaust. An aftermath exhaust greatly improves the sound of your bike. The sound produced by one exhaust differs from the others, making it suitable for highways, in the woods, or an off-road location. When you opt for the loudest exhaust, be ensured that it does not go past the noise levels recommended by your state.

  • Performance Boost - Improved overall performance is one of the great advantages of investing in an aftermarket exhaust system. The system boosts the fuel efficiency to maximum, and some bikers prefer futuristic bikes rather than animalistic ones with conventional exhaust pipes that cause a lot of noise. A well-designed exhaust can significantly improve the mileage as well as the performance of the bike.

Three Benefits of Aftermarket Exhausts

(Why You Should Invest In Aftermarket Exhausts)

At Barrel Exhaust, we take great pride in our aftermarket exhausts. All of our exhausts are designed to turn heads. When you buy a Barrel Exhaust, we guarantee that you will be the envy of your riding gang.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What does an aftermarket exhaust do for a motorcycle?

A. Acceleration is one of the main factors that influence speed when they hop onto their bikes. Replacing the factory-installed system with an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust allows the rider to significantly improve the peak engine horsepower of their motorcycle.

Q. Do aftermarket exhausts improve performance?
A. An aftermarket performance exhaust can free some of the power in your engine. These systems allow for a quicker, more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape. This means your engine "breathes" better, so spent fuel and air exit the combustion chambers faster.

Q. Does exhaust make Royal Enfield bikes faster?
A. If you wish to gain the best performance out of your bike, perhaps the first thing you should do is to upgrade your exhaust. The exhaust also helps the engine with expelling the gases faster and more efficiently. When the engine is breathing better, it also performs better.
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