Royal Enfield: A Brand That Rides On Love and History

Royal Enfield: A Brand That Rides On Love and History

The Royal Enfield motorbike can be called the most recognizable motorcycle brand in the world today. Even if you don’t know anything about motorcycles, you’ve probably heard of them, or seen one on TV or in the movies—there’s no avoiding it! But this relatively young company only started making motorcycles in 1901 and has had quite a journey to get to where it is today.

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The Beginning - The Story Behind The Company

The Royal Enfield Motorcycle company was founded in 1901 as a tool manufacturer. However, on 18th October 1907, it began motorcycle production at its Noiseless Portable Engine Company factory in Redditch. It was through these humble beginnings that Royal Enfield motorcycles were born. 

So how did such a loveable brand like Royal Enfield come to be? Well, we thought you might want to know more about it so here’s its story! For some of us, our experience with Royal Enfield started when we watched Johnny Depp riding one in ‘The Lone Ranger’ or when Steve McQueen rode one in ‘The Great Escape’ but not many of us actually know why these bikes have been such a big part of Hollywood culture over time. To put it simply - what makes them so special?

Steve McQueen Riding A Royal Enfield

(Steve McQueen riding a Royal Enfield during the shooting of the classic movie, The Great Escape. Image Courtesy: Everett Collection)

We find out more... The Journey - The Rise of an Iconic Brand: As mentioned earlier, Royal Enfield has its roots in manufacturing tools. In fact, they built everything from scissors to guns before they decided to build motorcycles. 

This shows just how much effort went into making sure every bike is perfect for its customers. They didn’t just jump into building motorcycles; they took their time to learn how to do it right. And now, after 100 years of hard work and dedication, Royal Enfield is known worldwide for its legendary machines that are still going strong.

In 1949, Royal Enfield comes to India and quickly wins the hearts of bikers across the nation thanks to its stunning looks and solid performance. The Indian government also finds a perfect solution for a personal vehicle for army professionals. The Royal Enfield can not only withstand the harsh operating conditions at the borders, these iconic bikes would become synonymous with the military lifestyle, a symbol of ruggedness. 

Royal Enfield Motorcycles Today

Royal Enfield makes a variety of bikes across the spectrum, catering to all types of riders. The Continental GT is the company’s flagship model, offering a comfortable ride with its laid-back cruiser design and classic retro looks. 

For bikers who are looking for something more daring and fast-paced, the Classic 500 offers a sportier feel with a sleek and low profile. The Interceptor takes things up another notch by combining classic looks with modern performance and handling.

From these three models alone, it’s clear that Royal Enfield has catered to every type of rider imaginable—and in doing so, has earned itself a cult following around the world.

Why Is RE So Popular?

The Royal Enfield Classic 500 and Bullet are some of the most loved and recognizable bikes in the world. Fans of RE have rallied behind the Made In India bikes and fought to bring back production lines from England after they were shut down. The reason for the love? It is not just about performance, looks, or nostalgia (though those do play a big part). 

Riders love the brand because it’s their history on two wheels. Back in the day, a Royal Enfield was the crowning jewel in biking history for most new bikers. When we started falling in love with bikes, owning/riding a Royal Enfield was our most sincere dream.

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We would see our heroes, the cops and the army officers riding on these bikes, wearing cool sunglasses and crisp uniforms, and we would instantly fall in love with the biker lifestyle. Royal Enfield has taught most of us the joys of riding a bike, and for that reason, it will always have a special place in our hearts. 

Retro Cool!

The Royal Enfield Bullet is a two-wheeler that’s easily recognized for its traditional design. But, like many things from yesteryear, it has survived for good reason. The Bullet is considered one of India’s most iconic brands. With over seven decades of motorcycle production under its belt, it remains a favorite among a loyal group of riders who swear by its rugged simplicity.

And now, with new models in tow, Royal Enfield is hoping to extend its popularity to a younger generation of bikers. So what makes the brand so special? And why do people love it so much? Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Royal Enfield. 

There are several factors at play here, but three stand out above all else. For starters, Royal Enfield offers something completely different than other bike manufacturers. In fact, they have an older model than any other bike manufacturer in India – their 350cc Classic (introduced way back in 1948). While newer designs would trump older ones on paper, there is something unique about retro cool motorcycles that attract both buyers and collectors alike. 

Secondly, Royal Enfield’s design has remained largely unchanged over time. And while some may see it as a flaw, many others see it as a benefit; not only does it make maintenance easier for consumers who don’t want to deal with learning how to fix modern technology, but it also gives them a sense of nostalgia when riding one of these bikes.

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Lastly, history plays a major role in Royal Enfield’s success. There are few brands in history that can match up to Royal Enfield when it comes to popularity and iconic status amongst motorcyclists.

So this was the history of the name that has got a cult of bikers following. If you liked this blog, do follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more interesting and informative content around bikes, bike exhausts, and the biker lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Why do people love Royal Enfield motorcycles?
A. Royal Enfield provides a sense of strength and also a rustic charm. The brand has built itself from being an army bike to a cult classic. These bikes have a huge fan following and also there are several biking clubs exclusive to Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Q. Is Royal Enfield a good bike?
A. The Royal Enfield is one of the few heavy bikes in the market that offers more than just good fuel economy. Known for its road presence, powerful performance, comfortable riding, and stylish vintage design, the Royal Enfield has become one of the most sought-after models in the country since its release in 1901.

Q. Why is Royal Enfield called Bullet?
A. The Royal Enfield and Bullet names derive from the British company which had been a subcontractor to Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, London. The term bullet grew in popularity thanks to the stellar performance and the rugged look of the bikes. 

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