Race Ahead with the Best Aftermarket Exhaust Systems for your Bike

Race Ahead with the Best Aftermarket Exhaust Systems for your Bike

Having the correct gear for the route can make a tremendous difference whether you're a recreational rider, a daily commuter, or a pro bike racer. Also, the equipment becomes extremely important if you are participating in a bike race and want to enhance your racing performance.

Are you looking for a unique biking gift? Do you want a stylish bag to meet all of your urban commuting needs? Maybe a new lighting system or a high-tech helmet to improve your visibility in traffic? What about a head collar that functions like an airbag? An aftermarket exhaust can also be an excellent gifting option. A bike exhaust plays a significant role in improving the performance of a bike. The exhaust system is instrumental to the performance of the bikes.

These creative, design-savvy bike gadgets, performance exhaust, and accessories are designed to meet your every desire on the road as well as make your ride and racing performance as smooth as silk without compromising style for safety or the other way around. An exhaust system is essential for race bikes as it determines racing performance.

Need for Exhaust System

Bike exhaust systems remove used air/fuel, or exhaust, from the engine and transport it from under the race bike to the vehicle's back. Performance is affected by pipe length, diameter, bend radius, muffler volume, and internal baffle design. If a pipe is too long, too short, too small, or too huge in diameter for a given engine size, it compromises RPM range and racing performance. 

An optimized exhaust system balances pressure between the engine's intake and exhaust tracts within a given rpm range. The exhaust and emission control systems include the AIR (Air Injection Reaction) and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) systems.

the Barrel ATOM twin sport muffler for Royal Enfield RE 650

Key Benefits of custom exhaust systems

Custom aftermarket exhaust systems are an easy and accessible way for bikers to upgrade and personalize their rides. Some of the main upsides of choosing an aftermarket exhaust include: 

  • More Power: Replacing the factory-installed system with an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust allows the rider to significantly improve the peak engine horsepower of their motorcycle. These are referred to as flowing exhaust systems and they give the exhaust a straight path without any hindrance. Thus helping especially racers to maintain an edge over the competition.
  • Improved Sounds: The sound produced by the motorcycle exhaust is one of the most important things for riders. The noise produced varies from one exhaust to the other making these exhausts suitable for use on the highway, off-road, or in the woods.
  • Performance Improvements: Besides the great sound and added power, there are riders who get aftermarket exhausts because they want maximum fuel efficiency. A well-designed motorcycle exhaust can improve the performance and mileage of the bike. Helping you to unlock the true potential of motorcycles.
  • Stylish Appeal: The bigger and better-designed aftermarket exhaust systems definitely add to the motorcycle's overall look and stylish appeal. installing an aftermarket exhaust can also allow you to become the envy of your rider buddies.

 advantages of aftermarket exhausts

(The key reasons behind the improved sound and performance with an aftermarket exhaust system)

Talking About The Racing Performance

When it comes to enhancing the performance of race bikes, the free-flowing performance exhaust system and air cleaner are usually the first two components to be updated. Still, no part elicits more passion from bikers than the exhaust system, making a dual statement through the bike's sound and aesthetic identity. 

Installing an aftermarket exhaust on your motorcycle has several advantages as we have already listed above. The improved power delivery and overall performance upgrades will give you that extra edge that can be the difference between winning and losing races.  

It is usually lighter than the factory-installed exhaust, which aids in weight loss. Installing a performance exhaust that will charge you up for a bike race.


The aftermarket exhausts are a must-have for your bike as they considerably improve your bike's performance. At Barrel Motors, we make some of the most beloved exhausts by bikers across the globe. We help each biker, whether they are professional or just everyday riders, find the perfect exhaust and improve their riding experience.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Will an aftermarket exhaust negatively impact my vehicle?

No, it is known to boost the performance of bikes.

Can a custom exhaust improve power delivery in bikes?

Yes, an aftermarket exhaust can improve the airflow to the engine and thus improve the power output. 

Will an aftermarket exhaust help me during a bike race?

Yes, it will significantly enhance your performance during a bike race.

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