Barrel ATOM Twin Sport Mufflers for Royal Enfield RE 650

Is Your Exhaust Too Loud? Discover Easy Ways to Make a Motorcycle Quieter Without Lowering The Performance

Barrel ATOM Twin Sport Mufflers for Royal Enfield RE 650

(Discover the many advantages of lowering your motorcycle’s sound)

When it comes to motorcycles, especially with the advent of aftermarket exhausts becoming more powerful, loud is the new cool.

As bike lovers, we love to hear the roaring sound of your engine and loud exhausts always fill our hearts with joy. But often, due to a bunch of reasons, your bike can get too loud and hence impossible to drive within street legal limits. 

Every rider loves to make their bikes louder, with loud pipes or some kind of exhaust modification. Most aftermarket exhausts are custom-made to create a loud and rich sound stage. But in India (and many other countries), there are certain decibel limits that bikers cannot cross. Therefore, in order to get the most out of your riding experience, you can make your biker quieter. 

This article contains tips on some of the best ways to quiet down a loud motorcycle exhaust. Whether you have an aftermarket exhaust that is too loud or stock, I have listed some proven ways which will help you to lower the volume of your bike.

Check and Repair Your Exhaust

There are many reasons your exhaust can get a hole in it. The most common reason behind these leaks or holes is rust. When you have a hole in your motorcycle exhaust, it doesn’t affect anything in performance, but one thing is sure to increase: loudness. 

The noise of your exhaust will get high. Thus, it’s essential to seal the holes or leaks of your exhaust for a quieter experience. In order to seal the small holes in your exhaust, you can use exhaust tape around it.

But what about larger holes in the Exhaust? In case you encounter some big holes in your exhaust, the repair is a bit more difficult but still can be done with a few simple tools in good time. All you will need to repair larger holes in your exhaust are a few patches, some epoxy, and a lot of patience. 

Make sure to give the patch its time to fully heal the leak before you start riding as early exposing the exhaust to temperature will undo all your work.

Replace/Upgrade Your Mufflers

Barrel ATOM Twin Sport Mufflers for Royal Enfield RE 650(The ATOM twin sport mufflers pack a might punch in their compact body. Unlock the true potential of your bike with the best custom accessories from Barrel Exhaust)

Motorcycle mufflers are responsible for dampening the noise that comes out of the exhaust. A good-quality muffler will ensure that your motorcycle runs quieter without sacrificing any performance. 

Mufflers come designed as a set of perforates tubes that reflect sound waves produced by your bike engine, thus suppressing the noise leaving your bike. Try replacing the pipes and mufflers and see if it helps minimize the noise. Mufflers are readily available and quite affordable, so getting one won’t be a hassle for you. 

Sometimes, you will need to upgrade your muffler or switch to a different one. This can happen due to the wear and tear of your motorcycle or even changing external conditions. 

You can easily find different mufflers on the market that will perform better than the standard ones in regard to keeping the noise down.

For instance, you might consider going for single or dual-chambered models whose chamber helps absorb the sounds produced by your engine.

Additionally, a slip-on muffler can help you skip the hassle of bolting it in place as well as ensuring that future maintenance is super easy. 

Try out the Exhaust Wrap

Why? Well because it’s affordable and easy to install. You can install it directly inside the muffler or even around the pipes. 

The primary goal of exhaust wraps is to minimize heat. However, because of its capacity to suppress vibrations, it may also diminish sound. They are easily accessible on the market. A few fiber glasses added to the titanium wraps can greatly minimize the noise.

Exhaust Wraps for Motorcycles(Exhaust wraps like this will help you improve your aftermarket exhausts' thermal and sound performance. Image Courtesy: Which Exhaust Wrap To Use by Café Race Guru)

Let’s Make Our Bikes Quieter Now

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have some pointers on what to do to make your bike quieter. It is worth noting that these are only a few tips, and there are absolutely more of them out there.

A loud exhaust often ends up creating more nuisance than happiness and taking some active steps towards making the bike quieter (without losing any performance) will save you from any unnecessary and unpleasant complaints. Above all, a motorcycle should not scare people away, it should make them admire it.

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So, if you have no plans for this weekend, get up, get some coffee, and go right to the garage and dampen the sound of your motorcycle. 

Thanks for reading this article to the very end. Now before you go, you might want to check out our store to find the right accessories for your bike. Barrel Exhaust is a brand that is driven to create happy bikers and is the number one choice of bikers all over the world. Happy biking. Ciao!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Can a custom exhaust improve power delivery in bikes?
A. Yes, an aftermarket exhaust can improve the airflow to the engine and thus improve the power output. 

Q. What does an aftermarket exhaust do for a motorcycle?
A. Acceleration is one of the main factors that influence speed when they hop onto their bikes. Replacing the factory-installed system with an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust allows the rider to significantly improve the peak engine horsepower of their motorcycle.

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