Cruisepegs - A life saviour for Aprilia Riders

Cruisepegs - A life saviour for Aprilia Riders

Aprilia SR Scooters are one of the most sought out scooters in India and many other countries by riders who love taking short and sometimes long road trips. The scooter is powerful and stylish and attracts young riders to go for it as the best moto-scooter choice.

All said, there is hardly any option to protect the panels and riders legs in case of an unfortunate accident. Barrel Exhaust took it up as a challenge to create a solution for this problem and invented a product called “Cruisepegs”.

These Cruisepegs are built not only to give riding comfort and stress free journeys but also to manage impact in case of fall and protect the riders and the body panels from damage. The Cruisepegs are a marvellous creation that has proved its worth for many users and saved them from massive damage to self and the bike. 

Here are the important points to know about the Barrel Exhaust cruisepegs.

  1. It is not an additional footrest to put full pressure and stand on.
  2. It is designed to crumble in case of fall to absorb the impact and not allow the force to pass on to the chassis.
  3. It is designed to bend on impact and restrict the scooter to scrape through the ground thereby saving the foot getting stuck under.
  4. It is equipped with soft rubber rests to ensure grip and long life under sun or rain.
  5. It has two mount points to give additional posture support.
  6. It is available only in pairs just like any handle grips and footrests.  

The Barrel Exhaust cruisepegs has been a blessing for the Aprilia scooter riders since it was created. Unlike other regular commute scooters, Aprilia SR does not have body panel guards available and the cruisepegs solves just that problem.  

The below image clearly shows how it needs to be used. The value far exceeds the cost of the cruisepegs and nothing is more important than safety.

Cruisepegs position


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why should I choose Barrel Cruise Pegs?
A. It has two mount points to give additional posture support. And it is engineered to bend and provide additional protection in case of any accident. 

Q. Are Barrel Cruise Pegs Built Well?
A. This product is great with a solid build. The cruisepeg itself fits nicely onto the scooter and gives the rider a very relaxing and cruising posture which is very useful.

Q. What does an aftermarket exhaust do for a motorcycle?
A. Acceleration is one of the main factors that influence speed when they hop onto their bikes. Replacing the factory-installed system with an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust allows the rider to significantly improve the peak engine horsepower of their motorcycle.

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