Best Road Trips Around The World On A Motorcycle

Best Road Trips Around The World On A Motorcycle

Riding around on your motorcycle gives you the liberty to experience an adventure that is raw and pristine with excitement. You can always embark on a solo trip or a round trip with your best buddies to experience the best that these destinations hold in store. Going on a road trip is not just about traveling but also gathering a new experience, right from various culinary treats to nature’s wonders.

The Best Motorcycle Tours From Around The World

1. Morocco

The Ceuta to Marrakesh loop is a journey into an exotic realm where you will traverse from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara, moving forward to snake through the city of Marrakesh and winding up at the Atlantic coast. A total of 1600 miles, this loop will give you a fine reason to enjoy your bike road trip and will take you through numerous citadels and souks.


2. France And Spain

Experience sensational scenery on your bike as you twist through hairpin bends and narrow mountain passes on the Pyrenees loop. This road trip is sure to bring exciting grins and the thrill to use your bike exhaust to its maximum potential.


3. Australia

The Great ocean road is barely a 180 mile trip that extends from Melbourne to Peterborough. This is a favorite solo trip for riders where you can wind through shorelines of rainforests, surfing beaches and the Shipwreck coast.


4. California

A 3500-mile-long stretch, this trip will surely test your bike exhaust. On this route, you will witness some of the best iconic national parks, the Grand Canyon and the formations of the Monument Valley. This bike road trip is scenic and adventurous on equal counts.


5. South Africa

With some fantastic roads and breath-taking scenery, this 1050-mile Cape Town Circuit pushes your bike performance to full-throttle mode.

South Africa

6. Pacific Coast Highway

Start this stellar road trip that will take you to redwood forests, beaches and plunging cliffs. You will get a chance to ride over the famous San Francisco bridge while savoring the adventure.


7. Yorkshire, England

The 270 miles long bike road trip is a one-day adventure that you can take as a solo trip. On this route, you will come across non-stop bends, numerous fast straights and the sight of wild scenery that gives you a humble escape.


8. Norway

Take your motorcycle on this adventure that will take you on some terrific switchbacks and equally magnificent fjords. This ride is truly going to test your bike performance as it takes you along some really wild landscapes which are a feature of fjordland.


9. Turkey

Cover a handsome 1850 miles from Istanbul to Anatolia on your bike where you will embark upon an exotic circuit that will take you through ancient ruins and the beauty of the Black sea. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy tremendous volcanic landscapes on your dream bike while riding on this route.


10. Cuba

The 1240 miles circuit chases Che Guevara’s ghost on an enigmatic island nation on your bike. Salsa, cigar and rum will be your companions on this exciting route where you can make good use of your bike exhaust.



You can embark on these famous biking trails to experience all the adventure and fun that they have to offer to you. You should ensure that your bike health is optimum before starting any such trip to ensure that you are not caught in a tight spot during the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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A. Unless you are a skilled professional we would advise you not to. We recommend going to a local mechanic as they should be able to give you a much better service.

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A. An aftermarket performance exhaust can free some of the power in your engine. These systems allow for a quicker, more efficient path for exhaust gasses to escape. This means your engine "breathes" better, so spent fuel and air exit the combustion chambers faster.

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