Buy Rogue Exhaust for TVS Apache 310RR, BMW 310 – Barrel Exhaust


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The Rogue 310 Series  muffler is designed for TVS Apache 310RR, BMW G 310GS & BMW R 310. The Rogue 310 Series comes with the muffler (with DB killer), sub header with inbuilt mini muffler and provision for O2 sensor and the Fitment clamp along with a SS Hose Clamp. 

The same exhaust that fits the Apache 310 series fits the BMW G310 also.  

In the Box : 

1. Rogue Muffler in Stainless Steel with Aluminium CNC Machined Tip (1 nos)

2. Hexagonal FItment Clamp (In SS 304) (1 nos)

3. Silicon Belt for Clamp positioning and vibration dampening. (1 nos)

4. Heavy Duty SS Hose Clamp (1 nos)

5. Sub header with provision for O2 sensor.