Buy Ghost 2.0 Pre-Order Exhaust For RE Himalayan – Barrel Exhaust

Ghost 2.0 Pre-Order

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Listen To The Amazing Sound of Ghost 2.0

A racing pedigree for the Royal Enfield motorcycles. An exhaust that was built for pure performance and braap!  This is outlaw series and does not come with a DB killer.

20 pre-orders only accepted. Shipped within 30 days of order being placed.  

Ghost 2.0 is the improvised and upgraded version of it's predecessor GHOST 1.0.

Ghost 2.0 is built in Stainless Steel 304 with precision high strength TIG welding to make sure it hangs on while you jump over all the obstacles during off road rinding and racing.

GHOST 2.0 was born out of a need for a high performance exhausts for Royal Enfield bikes and bikers that put to test themselves and their machines beyond what it was meant to be. 


We ship them worldwide within 10 working days! NO CASH ON DELIVERY AVAILABLE for International orders!