Barrel Rogue Aprilia SR – Barrel Exhaust

Barrel Rogue Aprilia SR

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Barrel Rogue is one of the highest selling model of Barrel Exhaust for motorcycles ranging from 150 cc to 600 cc category. We have used the same successful platform and remodelled it for the Aprilia SR Moto-scooter.

Barrel Rogue redesigned to suit the Aprilia SR Moto Scooters to deliver never before style and sound. The Rogue is built in stainless Steel and has a lifetime rust free warranty. 

The removable DB killer feature on the Rogue makes it city friendly apart from being the best option for the long rides. The Rogue with the "Octa-bend" design results in a very strong structural strength. A premium brushed steel finish with mirror polished tip makes the Rogue the favourite among all options.  

Soon to be made available for BS4 & BS6 models (Aprilia SR 150/160/125)

In the box : BS 4 Variant

1. Rogue Muffler (SS304) (Steel Finish Only),

2. DB Killer (Powder coated)

3. Bend pipe (Chromed)

4. Header Flange

5. Header Flange Ring

6. Connector (SS 304)

7. Silicon Belt

8. Bolts & Nuts

9. Spacer (2 nos)

10. Vehicle Clamp (Powder Coated)



BS6 Variants shall be made available by end of December 2021

Note : Shipping shall start after 15th December 2021.