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Barrel Electric is a tech division of Barrel Exhaust that has now taken up a task to help the world with innovative products to tackle the Corona Virus Pandemic. It's first launch, the Ultra Violet Disinfection Bag helps kill 99.9% of virus and bacterias from any household product that fits into it's 90 ltr capacity. You can sanitise anything from milk packets to e-commerce parcel to postal envelopes or mobile phones to helmets in just 15 minutes.


UV-C Missile 30w


The Barrel Electric UV-C Room Sterilisers are compact designs that are powerful enough to kills germs from every corner of your home.

Get the Barrel UV-C Missile and make your home safe for your family.

Equipped with Thermal Motion Sensor and Auto Cut-off Timer, Barrel Electric UVC Room Sterilisers are very safe for humans and pets. 

Barrel Electric commercial solutions for sterilising spaces such as hospitals and clinics are extremely helpful in the fight against the spread of virus.

With minimum manpower needed for operation the Barrel Electric UVC Towers can help get the work done at speed of light. 

Based on the sterilisation requirement for different areas, we custom develop solution to meet your need and budget.


 Let us know your need and we will tailor make it for you so you and your team are safe.

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