BARREL ROGUE designed for the Bajaj Dominar 400 (BS4 / UG) clearly enhances the expression of HYPERRIDING. The Rogue with the built in DB killer (Removable) provides the acoustics for both city and sports need. 


Available in both Black and Steel finish and built completely in Stainless Steel 304 grade, you have a muffler that doesn't just look killer, but is built tough. With increased ground clearance you have more roads to cover without worrying about the scraping. Lighter by almost 50% compared to the stock, you have a better power to weight ratio for the sprint. 


A thermal insulation that not only lasts long but also keep the body cool. It's #timetogorogue.  


Barrel Subheader for Dominar 400 old model is one of the finest option available. The subheader unlike the straight empty ones, houses a resonator chamber with pressure control gates and ceramic insulated baffles.

Built in complete stainless steel and sleek design, the subheader is strong and also gives additional ground clearance compared to the stock muffler making it the best for adventure riding.

The subheader is a perfect fit for the Rogue exhaust for Bajaj Dominar and also may be suitable for other universal mufflers. While Barrel Exhaust does not guarantee fit for other brand models, it is recommended to be used with the Rogue.

Dom 400 header pipe final (1).JPG