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Mechanic Working on Motorcycle

About Us

People with a passion for motorcycles, Racing & Brotherhood..

We Understand Motorcycles

At Barrel Exhaust, we are passionate about motorcycles and the joy of riding. We are a team of bikers, engineers, and designers who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality exhaust parts for motorcycles. Our parts are designed for optimum performance, reliability, and style.

We believe that a great ride starts with the sound of a powerful engine. That's why we put experience at the core of every product design. We strive to ensure that every product we make helps bikers experience the true joy of riding. Our mission is to spread that joy across the globe.


Eight years and countless hours of building, racing and testing performance parts for motorcycles have given us an edge when it comes to building products that is tough and dependable resulting in value for money.


Value for Money is something we keep at the core of every product development. Our products are usually high in quality standards and lasts longer. If there is something we have compromised on, it is the pricing so ou can simply burn rubber and not wallets.


We choose our partners very carefully because we want to make sure the purchase experience for you is as enjoyable as the experience of getting Barreled! Our authorised dealer network both domestic and international is always near you. 

A One-Stop Shop for Automotive Enthusiasts

Look no further when it comes to performance parts and accessories for your motorcycle. We don't make too many products but whatever we do, we make sure we pour our heart in it so you can trust and blindly fall in love with it. We have some exciting reasons why you would be safe buying a Barrel Product.

Free shipping anywhere within India and very economical shipping charges for export orders.

Our products are tested by racers and only when they are happy with the quality and performance, we make them available for you.

We are bikers too! We speak your language and we understand what you mean when you say something about the motorcycle.

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