Terms & Conditions

Covered under Warranty ::

Barrel Exhaust products (unless not mentioned explicitly) are warranted for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase against manufacturer defects but Barrel Exhaust makes no other warranty claims. The warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of a new and unused product with a proof of purchase from an Authorized Barrel Exhaust dealer that clearly shows the purchase date and purchase price. Warranty is non-transferable; no returns will be accepted from third parties. Only complete kit items are covered under warranty. Barrel Exhaust does not warranty replacement parts or loose exhaust components or mufflers. Only invoices for complete slip on will be accepted for an RA# (Return Authorization). No RA# will be issued without the proof of purchase from an authorized Barrel Exhaust re-seller. Product returned without proof of purchase will be processed as a repair. Sender will be responsible for the return shipment charges to Barrel Exhaust. All of the items sold by Barrel Exhaust are intended for off road use only and may not be street legal, DOT approved or EPA approved. Any of the items sold in our catalog and on our website could possibly void the motorcycle manufacturer’s warranty. Barrel Exhaust does not warrant or imply compatibility with ANY other aftermarket parts such as saddlebags or other add-on items.

Not Covered Under Warranty ::

Items not covered under warranty at the sole discretion of Barrel Exhaust include but are not limited to: Normal wear and tear. Damage caused due to improper installation. Damage caused due to fitment with any other aftermarket items. Any type of crash damage. Damage due to improper maintenance or muffler packing maintenance. Material finish or rust due to salt exposure, inclement weather conditions, exposure to solvents or chemicals or lack of customer care and maintenance. Shipping and or labor expenses Any damages, consequential, incidental, special, contingent, or otherwise, or expenses or injury arising directly or indirectly from the use of any Barrel Exhaust exhaust system or product. Extent of Warranty: All warranty claims properly returned to Barrel Exhaust will be repaired or replaced by Barrel Exhaust. Barrel Exhaust is not responsible for any other expense incurred by the customer under the terms of this limited warranty, nor is Barrel Exhaust responsible for any damages either consequential, incidental, special, contingent, or otherwise, or expenses or injury arising directly or indirectly from the use of merchandise purchased from Barrel Exhaust. Any merchandise returned to Barrel Exhaust must be sent at the customer’s expense with the proof of purchase along with the return authorization. Barrel Exhaust reserves the right to determine whether the terms of warranty, set out above, have been properly followed. In the event that the terms are not followed, this warranty is void. Barrel Exhaust is the sole arbiter of abuse, misuse, installation errors and modifications. Should any of these be found, this warranty is void. The duration of any and all implied warranties are limited to the duration of the express warrant. All incidental or consequential damages are hereby excluded. The acceptance and/or use of any merchandise purchased from Barrel Exhaust by the customer hereby shall release Barrel Exhaust from any and all liability.